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Example QR Code containing a URL

QR Codes - The Offline Hyperlink

grab your smart phone and one of many free aps and start scanning

We´re all familiar with seeing "click here" on the Internet. Links to related web pages, file downloads, more information etc... what if you had the same ability to instantly get more information in the offline world? This type of bar-code (known generally as a Two Dimensional bar code or specifically as a QR Code) may provide just that ability for anyone with a cell phone.

The Quick Response (QR) code ( ) was created by Denso-Wave in 1994, and developed for the manufacturing process but its use has blossomed well beyond that.

North America is a bit behind adopting this technology. In Asia and Europe it´s already prevalent on everything from advertising to transportation information even clothing. Ask for someone´s contact information, you may well be presented with a cell phone screen displaying their ´ME Card´ in QR Code form. Scan that image and their complete contact details will be dropped directly into your phone´s contacts. QR Codes can contain all manner of different information.

Several examples of QR Codes in application:

Is your business scan-enabled?

Don´t miss out on the mobile revolution. If you are considering or already produce any print advertising it may well be time to start including QR Codes in your marketing collateral. PawPrint is already working with our customers to assist in finding new and innovative uses for what is emerging as a global standard.

QR Code enabled content management

Undoubtedly there are two compelling benefits of using QR codes in marketing. First they directly bring interested parties straight to your message. No need to spell out complicated URLs or worry about typos. One click and they are there, right now, on their mobile. The other is for tracking your marketing campaign´s actual success. In the past one might drop a URL into a print marketing advert and never be able to tell how many people respond to that ad. Sure, there were tricks, like a special URL and tracking that but these were only partially useful because many type URLs into a search engine first anyway. With the QR Code the URL is encoded into it. Responding parties always arrive via the exact URL specified, so all the business needs to do is add a small tracking code to the URL and voila - instant accurate statistics. You can even automatically serve up specific content from a single page based on the parameters contained in the code. All of this, remaining invisible, and therefor uncomplicated, for your visitors.

PawPrint has embraced this new technology by incorporating the ability to generate QR Codes directly into the the XDe Content Management System. The built in stats system will even create the tracking code and give detailed response statistics by day/month/year for any marketing campaign.

Not a PawPrint customer? no problem!
Use our online QR Code generator to build a code for your business free:

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